New vehicle transports

New vehicle transport from factory to the market, coordinating train, truck and vessel shipments.


Managing and maintaining vehicle stock from one to over 3000 units in line with OEM quality standards. Additionally we provide customs handling for vehicles from abroad.


In order to secure the right quality standard and the right composition of the new vehicles we provide these services either along the supply chain or in the destination market.


In terms of volume, the market for used cars is larger than the market for new cars. We offer suitable solutions for the transport of used vehicles from auctions and dealer stocks to our customers.

Event logistics

Whether it‘s an exhibition, launch event, winter test, driving experience or any other special request we have vast experience to enable us to master these.

We design and fulfill

With 40+ years of experience we have a thorough understanding of European vehicle logistics flows. Choosing the right network design is the most important starting point for all our customers. As the volumes, capacities and customer requirements change over time the network structure has to be continuously re-evaluated. Or to put it another way, if there is any disruption new alternative ways have to be found.

Effective management, monitoring and communication is required to master the flow of vehicles in the network.

Gröning’s staff is trained to make sure that the product arrives as it should: on time and in pristine condition. To achieve that, we have set high standards for the whole process from when the vehicle leaves the factory to when it is in transit and until it reaches the final destination. Beyond this, the intermodal logistics solutions we use secure the most efficient and environment-friendly solution to the customer.

Gröning makes vehicle logistics smooth and easy to deal with for our clients, because that is what we do best!

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Truck transportation is used for lower volumes and for routings without direct rail access. The truck is always the solution for the last mile. 


Most suitable solution for high volume overland transportation solutions avoiding congested roads.


Vessels are the most efficient choice for high volume and long distance deliveries.


When express and high value service is required.